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Every Once In A While You Have To Stop & Put Things In Order

Remember the silly children’s card game of “52 Pickup”?

– photo courtesy of www.mgcpuzzles.com

You remember – one kid takes your playing cards and asks you; “do you want to play 52 Pickup”? You, being unaware of the outcome of the joke, say “sure” – the kid with the cards hurls your playing cards in the air and exclaimes “well pick them up”!

52 pickup.jpg

Remember what the playing cards were like when you first bought them? They were all in the same suit from clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades in the correct order from the 2 all the way through to the Ace.


Purchasing a brand new deck of playing cards is similar to the way your plans look at the beginning with everything in the right place in the same order.

After you work your business plan for a while, just like the playing cards, your plans start to get mixed up and order and priority are lost.

That is why it is important to take the time to sort everything out and get everything back into the right priority.

Another example is; Do you have your computer running software that includes; MS Front Page, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, MindGenius, MS Outlook, MS Explorer, Acrobat Reader and MS My Pictures all at the same time? At the same time, if you are like me you can have as many as 25 open files in each software all running at the same time. You keep working and opening files and working and opening files and working and then –


Your computer freezes up!

Your computer, you and your mind are no different.

Every once in a while you have to stop and put things back in order.