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“Even Starbucks Has A Line Up”!


Wednesday was a back to back day of outstanding client appointments from 7am – 5pm.

One of my clients’s asked me how it was going and I said great. The reason that I said this is because of the results that we received from our last trip;

– We were told 200 people would see our Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentation at the IFB Summit in Toronto, ON. We printed 210 handouts and we had to send out for 40 more
– We returned for our trip with 17 prospective client’s asking for an appointment to discuss working with us
– We have spoken with 6 prospective clients this week and 5 of them have decided to become clients
– We have 2 + 3 client spots left. 2 actual spots and I will oversubscribe by 3 clients as we may have some attrition by the end of the year.

I said that it looks like that we will start to have a line up for clients that wish to work with us.

My client replied “Even Starbucks Has A Line Up”!

We are working on a Scalable Program that we can deliver to a group of 20 clients at a time which we will roll out in the near future to service the clients that we will not have 1:1 coaching space for.