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Escape Velocity!!


We are experiencing escape velocity at 10:39am PDT, Tuesday, May 8, 2007!

A client and I were speaking today about business planning and taking note that it takes a tremendous amount of energy to get our plans off the ground. Most of the fuel is exhausted getting our plans off the ground in the early stages and once we reach escape velocity then things start to get carried along by their own momentum.

There were times last week when I felt that we were going backwards and that we would never find the answer, through persistence we broke through and came up with many, many solutions and systems to improving our business systems.

I say that we are experiencing escape velocity at 10:39am PDT because we are only a few hours into our second day of activity after a complete business plan review and I am amazed at the action and activity that is going on.

The business is creating its own energy and carrying us along with it!