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Enthusiasm! A Polished Presentation. Beautifully & Interestingly Presented

Alex of Pro-Seminars handed me one more testimonial from my Winnipeg Presentation as I left the hotel at 12 noon CDT to catch my flight to Calgary and then home from there. I nice send off. Cheers to West Jet! How many times do you get a chance to fly on a brand new jet with only 15 hours on it? You could still smell the newness of the leather seats. Comox and the stunning beauty of west coast was a breathtaking greeting as I flew in. On top of that the Snowbirds (the Canadian version of the Blue Angels Jet aerial acrobatic team) were all parked on the Comox runway. They use the airport for practice getting ready for the Air Show season. Being greeted by my wonderful, loving and beautiful wife Laura topped it all off. And the Happy Birthday Song cell message from Helen my mother in law was warmly received.

Yesterday’s Blog included –

The Abundant Financial Advisor.

I’m going to write this book in 60 days. Just watch and I’ll tell you why I am saying this in tomorrow’s Blog.

I wrote the above sitting on an airplane from London to Winnipeg.

If you consider I made the challenge on April 4th then 60days is June 2nd. Remember, I said written, not published. We will be able to publish/print by Labor Day.

Just before I got on the plane the book title came to mind. I called and made arrangements to reserve the following domain names and we have them all;

– www.theabundantadvisor.com
– www.theabundantadvisor.ca
– www.theabundantfinancial.advisor.com
– www.theabundantfinancial.advisor.ca

The next thing is I am manually writing this into my journal which I love to do.

John, they guy next to me is writing in his HP 1100 Tablet PC. I asked John how he likes it. Talk about a message.

John gave me a guided tour of his Tablet PC and the software far better than any computer salesperson could ever do.

I’m convinced this is the way to go.

With all of the traveling that I have been doing I could have written a book sitting in airport lounges and airplanes.

To back this I up I quickly did the math on all the time that I have spent sitting in airport lounges and airplanes over the last 10 weeks and it is 70 hours.

This is why I am making the 60 day challenge to myself to write The Abundant Financial Advisor in 60 days.

Stay tuned.