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Eliminating 66% Of RRSP Calls

– photo courtesy of; www.advocis.ca

Over the years, I find my new clients consumed in the month of February making follow up calls to their clients that are not on a monthly RRSP contribution so that their clients don’t miss the RRSP deadline. What is worse is, my client’s entire business and lives are thrown into disarray working on tight time deadlines trying to get the last of their RRSP client stragglers in before the end of the month deadline.

To eliminate this, here is what I suggested to my new client;

• Make a list of all of the clients that need to be contacted about RRSP contributions
• ID the clients that have e-mail addresses
• Send the following e-mail, three times, five days apart

Dear _________,

Thank you for opportunity to be of service over the years.

I am sure that you have noticed employment shortages in your day to day travels and we too are starting to notice that more and more people are looking for financial advisors, especially when RRSP season comes around.

To make sure that your RRSP needs are completely taken care of, please call or e-mail my assistant Jane at 123-456-7890 or jane @ noemail.com and Jane will take care of getting an appointment scheduled we me so that we can provide you with the service that you require.

Best regards,

Leading Advisor

My client has had a 66% reply rate to the e-mail as of the second e-mail without making one phone call!