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Educational Day Speaking Opportunities

Laura and I attended Sunday evening’s Pro-Seminars Las Vegas Welcome Party and had the opportunity to speak with Richard Pyper, Vice-President, Business Development for AXA Financial Services Inc. and there may be an opportunity for us to speak at AXA Educational Days.

Given that this is our first Pro-Seminars Las Vegas Event, we didn’t know a lot of people – this is a good sign – they will know who we are by Tuesday at 1pm.

After that Laura and I had dinner in the hotel and cased the presentation room out to get the lay of the stage, podium, projector screens etc. Given that I am not a podium speaker and walk away out into the audience telling my stories to connect with audience, we paced out how much time I had out in the audience before I had to get back on stage to run the PowerPoint – the room is so big with 275 in a classroom setting that I could find myself out there talking without the ability to click the next slide.

Laura has been an enormous help to me on this trip as she brings her common sense and focus and she was a huge help to me in casing the room out. It was one of those thoughts after dinner of; “hey lets go see the presentation room”. I’m glad we did because the room is never the way that one imagines it.

The next morning I took in the opening speaker. Al Kinch, Director of the Elite Case Team for Desjardins Financial Security gave an excellent presentation “The Changing Face Of Retirement” and I plan to share some of Al’s insights in future blogs.

Monday’s speaking was completed by a 1 ?Ǭ? hour Trade Show for the Sponsors and Exhibitors from 1 – 2:30pm.

During the Trade Show, Laura and I had the pleasure to meet Phil Lanctot, Sales Development Co-ordinator British Columbia for Industrial Alliance Pacific and there may be an opportunity for us to speak at Industrial Alliance Pacific Educational Days.

Tomorrow’s the big day for the speaking gigs – I have two gigs to do – one at 12 noon and one at 2:45pm.