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E-Newsletter In Record Time & On The Road Again

It’s 8am Sunday morning and I’ve just finished the May edition of my “Being” An Advisor E-Newsletter in record time. I believe it is a demonstration of “Being” in flow. The 18th edition I might add – whew! With “Being” in flow, the writing, ideas, inspiration all come easily.

Here is the revised list of Content;

– Welcome New Readers Your Passwords Are Here
– Tell A Friend
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– Branding Is More About “Why” Than “How”
– What Is Your Story? – Duncan Robinson
– My Story – Glennis Deslippe BSN

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I’m on the road again this week to speak with 100’s of lucky people through Pro-Seminars in Victoria and Vancouver.

I am going to take the liberty to take this time to affirm my Intention.

“I now command my functional subconscious mind to direct me in helping as many people as possible today to better their life and business, by giving me the strength, the feelings, the purpose, the humor, the certainty, what ever it takes, to inspire the audience to sign up for my free e-newsletter and to request me to contact them to invest in my products and services so that they can experience all of the benefits that they truly desire and deserve. I will do whatever it takes to assist them to move forward in a positive direction to make a decision to be all that they can be”.