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Driving To Stay In The Flow

Yesterday’s drive to Victoria was an opportunity to observe flow.

They say that it takes two hours to drive from Nanaimo to Victoria. Given that my starting point is 20 minutes north of Nanaimo, that I wanted to arrive half an hour early to meet Tom Miller of Pro-Seminars and that I wanted to stop for a Chai Tea at Starbucks, I gave myself three hours for the drive.

Laura said to drive carefully as the drive includes lots of logging trucks and a treacherous strip of highway call the Malhat Drive.

So for most of the way I drove around or hovering around the speed limit or just over it. My intention was to enjoy the drive and arrive at my speaking presentation “NOT” all stressed out from the drive.

It is important to be in flow with the audience with the intention to add value. At the same time I intended to attract four prospective clients from the audience who are interested in speaking with me to become clients and two additional speaking opportunities.

My prayer was answered and four prospective clients asked me to call them for a conversation about working with them. Two advisors working as a team approached me and indicated that they have a number of speaking opportunities that they would like to speak to me about. Thank you, oh thank you! 🙂

To top it off here is a testimonial that I received.

“The simple basics of what makes us attract ideal clients. Straight forward info that makes great sense and is not based on emotional hype but practice and thought. I look forward to your 12 day E-Course.”

So back to the drive. Again my intention was to arrive grounded, centered and at peace.

As I drove it seemed like every time that I found myself driving over the speed limit I seemed to attract someone that wanted to go faster or that was jockeying me for position. As I am writing this I am realizing that I fell asleep as they say and away from the consciousness of arriving grounded, centered and at peace.

There was a time or two when I used the 300 h.p. in my gas guzzling SUV at a stop light to beat the traffic and as I did I noticed that I slipped into wanting to drive fast and compete and push and as I let myself do this I noticed that the feeling of being grounded, centered and at peace slipped away. So I got the message.

Funny thing, I arrived a full hour early for the presentation.

Early enough for Tom to find me in the hotel lobby, introduce himself and say that “it is a good thing that you are early, we are a half hour ahead of schedule”.

So I presented and I was grounded, centered and at peace. I am appreciating the benefits of having presented the best part of 20 times this year and it is getting easier and easier.