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Do You Want To Magnify The Power Of Visualization?


Put it in print.

Here is an e-mail that I received from Glennis Deslippe. Glennis is doing an extraordinary job of building her business.

Do you have a short story that you are willing to share of how using the concepts from Leading Advisor have helped you? I invite you to e-mail me @ sreilly@leadingadvisor.com

I believe that by sharing your story you will magnify the affects by 1000 times.

Hi Simon

I took your idea about visualizing I was winning the prize of next years tuition to the Critical Illness Conference. For the 4 days the conference was on, I visualized winning the prize. The tuition is a thousand bucks and I really wanted the break for next year. As Alphonso was about to draw the name, I imagined I saw my name on the card and started getting up from my seat. Sure enough, he called my name! I almost choked I was so taken by surprise. Since we returned from Phoenix and as I was completing my planning for this year, I decided to say a mantra daily. My mantra is “Money is pouring in” . Sure enough, I’m right on target for the year so far and it’s only going to get more profitable. How do I know this? Don’t underestimate the power of visualization!

Thanks for the tip.


Glennis Deslippe BSN, RHU
Living Benefits Specialist
Integral Financial Services Inc.
Phone direct 604-538-8971
fax 604-538-8972
email glennis@integral-financial.com
Web www.integral-financial.com

Specialist in Critical Illness, Disability and Long Term Care insurance products.