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Do You Want To Create More Business? Clean Up Your Office!

Following this week’s Blog of a play by play of a Coaching “Off Week” –

The late great Thomas Leonard’s words rang through my head today. “If you want to create more business, clean up your office”. Thomas was the founder Of Coach University and Coachville.

You know what? Thomas was right! In the past, every time I took his advise to clean up my space, a new client came to me by attraction – and we have plenty of place for clients to find us by attraction – through;

Professional Speaking
– Blog
12 Day E-Course
Web Site

Whew! Do we ever have a lot of places that we are making ourselves available for clients to find their way to us by attraction!

In the early days, back in 1995 when I was working with Thomas – it was just me, the phone, some speaking and excellent work that attracted clients. Now we have all kind of resources.

The notion of attraction is creating the space for what you want to attract or achieve. You are the vessel through which all communication flows and if you and your space are cluttered up with stuff, then you will block the flow.

So today;

– which is 4 months after a major relocate
– and being on the road speaking
– and attracting an amazing amount of new business

This the day I clean up my office and my space.

True confession – I just moved in, set up my office and just went to work.

I didn’t really create a nurturing space in my office to create attraction – so today is the day.

One more very important thought on attraction – It is coming on 4 years ago that I attracted the best blessing in my life ever, my loving wife Laura.