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Do These Free Tele-Classes Not Run Contrary

We received the following question about our Leading Advisor Free Teleclass.

Do these free classes not run contrary to part of your message to advisors? Cheers, ___________

Hi _________,

I’m assuming that you are asking “why the teleclass is free”? Is that right?

Our teleclass is one in a series of offerings in our marketing funnel to create value that consists of;

– 12 Day E-Course
– Articles
– Blog
– E-Newsletter
– Public Speaking
– Teleclass
– Web Site

We believe in the notion of that clients will buy from us when they know us, get value, trust us, like us and when they are ready.

At the same time, marketing is process of elimination and there are some that will like us and some that will not so we give prospective clients every opportunity to understand the kind of work that we do.

To offer an example – there are those times when the phone rings and we hear;

“I’ve been reading your e-newsletter for a year and I am ready to work with you”

“I saw you speak 7 years ago and I am ready to work with you”

Thanks for your question and I trust my answer was satisfactory.