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Dinner Next Time I’m In Ontario?

Trevor Linden scores the winning goal beating the Dallas Stars in game 7 to win round one of the Stanley Cup. Now it is on to face the hard hitting Aneheim Ducks on Wednesday.

A valued client invited me for dinner the next time that I travel to Ontario for a speaking engagement and here is my reply.

Dear _______,

Here are my Speaking Dates until September.

The only date when I am in Toronto is May 29/30 for The Independent Financial Brokers Summit.

In order to make that week happen and in order to take the next week off in England, I am flying to Toronto on Sunday May 27th, working with cross Canada clients over the phone from 10am – 7:45pm EDT on Monday – Thursday, May 28th – 31st … fitting the Toronto IFB speaking presentation in on Wednesday morning and flying to London, England with Laura on Thursday evening, May 31st.

It would be easier to have breakfast on Tuesday or Thursday if you are up for it.

Best regards,