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Day Two Of Clientcentric Blogging

Day Two Of Clientcentric Blogging

It’s 8:02am on Wednesday and I am well into a week of back to back coaching calls. With my new found organization I am please to say the coaching call follow up e-mails are going out right after the calls and the files are put away right after the calls.

At the same time, I am enjoying the Clientcentric Blogging as I have just completed two blogs entitled Give A Man A Fish, Feed Him For A Day and MS Excel Video Professor and this creates a number of different things:

• My blogs are completed during the day versus the beginning or end of the day
• My blogging time is invested in my clients
• I save time in that I am not writing additional blogs
• Prospective clients gain from the value that I am sharing with my existing clients

One of my Blogging goals is to do my absolute best to make my Blogs more Clientcentric – meaning more about my clients.

The following blogs are a collection of client communications from Wednesday, June 27, 2007.

Duncan Robinson 2007 Ride To Survive Cancer From Kelowna To Vancouver, BC
Give A Man A Fish, Feed Him For A Day
MS Excel Video Professor
What Is Your Parable?