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Daily Blog Fahrenheit 951


The Daily Blog Fahrenheit 951 Title plays off Ray Bradbury’s Book Fahrenheit 451.

The number “451” refers to the temperature (in Fahrenheit) at which a book or paper burns. The novel presents a future in which all books are restricted, individual people are anti-social and hedonistic, and critical thought is suppressed.

When I started Blogging in February of 2005, I made a commitment to write a Blog every working day except for when I am on holidays and I have completed on my commitment.

Sometimes the Blogs are personal, sometimes about our business and sometimes they relate to clients.

With a lot of my energy going into more and more clients, speaking and book writing, I’ve been finding it challenging to keep up with a Daily Blog.

Having said all of this, I am going to reduce my Blogging to a few Blogs per week.

Given that I am traveling on Thursday and that I have been on the road for over a week, I am taking Friday and Monday off.

Wednesday at The Independent Financial Brokers Summit exceeded Tuesday’s results which were outstanding.

I had only just walked in the door and was greeted by gentleman from The Financial Planning Counsel making the recommendation that I speak at their next conference.

My 9:30am Removing Your Roadblocks Presentation was a hit once again and the highlight was a Director from Advocis gave me his card and I am imagining that this will manifest into a speaking opportunity at an Advocis National Conference.

I attended a number of quality speaking presentations over the course of the day and was greeted with positive comments about my presentation over the course of the day and the last one was as follows;

“Your presentation was a breathe of fresh air. People don’t appreciate what you have gone through to develop what you have created. We will be in touch.”