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Cry, Cry In My Beer Or Cry In My Blog


Given that I don’t drink, I’ll cry in Blog.

I’m keeping it short as I have no time because I have to complete another Power Point Update in advance of my 1:15pm Tuesday – 7 Actions To Take Now To Meet And Exceed Your Goals For 2007 & 2008 for Pro-Seminars in Las Vegas.

Time is tight because Laura and I are going to the Beatle’s Love Show by Cirque Du Soleil at 7pm on Monday evening and I have to finish the Power Point as I have no time Tuesday morning as I have Client Coaching Calls.

The crying is today’s presentation was the worst technological disaster that I have ever had at a speaking event – nothing worked! I started 40 minutes late because of a combination of organization, time being wasted all morning trying to get the microphones to work which caused the speakers to run late. Then my Power Point would not load on the equipment that was provided and while the microphone worked for about 5 minutes, it started crapping out and then quit all together! Had it not for me being over prepared, our results would have been a disaster at the same time. More in tomorrow’s Blog.

As my loving wife Laura said; “in spite of all of the challenges, your presentation was the most fluid that I have ever seen”.

All you need is Love!