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Crikie! Every Time I Fly Air Canada

Crikie! Every time I fly Air Canada it’s something and this time they have lost my luggage.

So did I attract this? I was thinking before I left about not getting hooked into all the negativity around Air Canada as I fly my beloved WestJet 98% of the time. This is so that I don’t attract a bad experience. The negatively toward Air Canada is just rampant.

• Air Canada … love, peace and find my luggage!
• Air Canada … love, peace and find my luggage!
• Air Canada … love, peace and find my luggage!

Its 9pm EDT on Sunday in the Outback Restaurant in London, ON having dinner as it is dinner time on Pacific Time.

Sunday’s 13 hours of air travel were well invested and I needed it given that I took Friday off and that I was surprised by my lack of planning with a very early Sunday flight leaving little or no time to pack and plan for this week.

I was thankful for the time to;

• Miss Laura a lot

• Regain my focus from last week organizing my thoughts and ideas.

• Continue the review of the last quarter.

• Rebuild my New PowerPoint – The Secrets To Removing your Roadblocks Power Point – its getting better and better!

I also started reading Napoleon Hills Revised & Updated “Think & Grow Rich”. I’ve got the values based desire and with the quarterly review in mind along with “Thing & Grow Rich” … are the goals big enough regarding our coaching, speaking and writing?

Monday morning, before 10am will be invested in reviewing my client-files in advance of the week and just maybe figuring out what I will do for clothes for my speaking gigs if they don’t find my clothes. This time around it maybe ala Eddie Bauer or something like that.

The cool thing about all of this I am not hooked into my luggage being lost as it will arrive by morning!