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Creating New Power Points Via Acrobat Reader & Ms Journal & No Electricity

no elec.jpg

6:45am PDT

Just taking a minute to write a quick Blog on Sunday morning about 6:45am PDT about working on creating a client case study that will go into both the Power Point that I am using this week and the November E-Newsletter.

I’ve been at it for 1 ?Ǭæ hours and after much trial and error, I believe that I have figured how to take a Values & Behaviors Assessments which is a PDF file, copy it into MS Journal to make hand written notes on the document and then take the edited MS Journal / PDF page and create a Power Point slide so the viewer can follow along.

This is all made possible by using my new Gateway Convertible PC Notebook (and I am still over the top with this new machine!)

Whew! Now I am going to project the Power Point page onto a 10′ x 10′ screen and see what it looks like.

This is just a trial run just to see if I can get the technology to work.

I’ve still have to make the actual notes onto the MS Journal documents and create the Power Point slides and I imagine that there will be about 6 Power Points to create.

My hope is that I can add a lot more value to my presentations.

7:02am PDT

Success! I just ran the new PDF through the projector and it looks outstanding.

Next step, create the personalized MS Journal documents and create the Power Point slides.

11:09am PDT.

The makings of 10 Power Point slides are created in draft form and are in one stage or another.

11:10am PDT.

Something new! A power outage due to the windiest day that I have ever seen while living on Vancouver Island. No problem – Once again my new Gateway Convertible PC Notebook exceeds my expectations as it has a battery life of 4 hours.

I must have anticipated this because I went out and purchased an additional 6 hour back up battery for when I am on the road so I am good to go for a very long time – long enough to finish this project.

12:04pm PDT

Still Powerless

No Electricity! What a great opportunity to get some solid work done. I amazed at how quite it is – all I can hear is the odd noise from the wind. Still chugging away on my batteries running my Gateway Convertible PC Notebook.

1:00PM PDT

Time for a break. Laura has gone shopping – I am going to get on my bike and go for a pedal like hell in the wind.

1:30PM PDT

I definitely in for a long ride as I will have to wait till Laura gets home to get back in. I don’t usually take keys when I ride as I can open the garage door with a remote control key pad – no much good without electricity!

An amazing ride it is along the park and beach trails in 50 – 70 km winds watching out for falling trees & debris and look at this three foot breakers on a normally calm Georgia Straight. I’ve been riding every day now for weeks and I am really noticing that I am in getting into excellent shape. I plan to do my best to carry the riding through the winter.

2:45PM PDT

All is well as I arrive home, Laura has just returned and the electricity is back on.

4:00PM PDT

Back to work finishing off 17 brand new Power Point slides and there will likely be more.

This is putting the Gateway Convertible PC Notebook to the test as I will finish off creating the new slides and placing them into my Power Point while I spend my time on Monday in airport lounges and on airplanes.

In closing, I’m very pleased with the results.