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Cover To Cover

Most of Thursday was a travel day from 12 noon eastern – 9:30pm eastern traveling back from Toronto.

I sat beside an old English couple the entire way – it reminded me of my parents a lot – would you get me my bag from the overhead compartment “Love”? It made me reflect on a trip that my Dad and I did to Ireland just before 9/11. It felt very comforting talking about different things and it helped that England won their soccer match 2 – 0.

This trip was excellent and having completed all the work that I could possibly do in airport lounges, on flights and in hotel room down time between gigs and telephone appointments, I had the opportunity to read about three magazines, some of them cover to cover on the flight back;


Affirming that I will have an article in all three of these magazines by the end of 2009.

I gained loads of inspiring ideas the best of which are;

– Make sure that our summer mini-vacations are booked now! Helen, Laura and I will be seeing you soon! 🙂
– The summer vision is to improve the coaching systems and assignments, update the web site and write the book
– Read “Discover Your Sales Strengths”


– Create a Can You Imagine Wall
– Determine key tasks for the week and pick three. Reprioritize the task list, last thing on Friday afternoon.
– Prioritize tasks by the Behaviors Style that is required to do them

A ?Ǭ? day ahead of appointments, a massage to remove the stress of a traveling week and a vision review meeting.

Have a great weekend.