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Counter balance fear with vision

A day off including no cardio or workout. Workouts are on track this week with 5 days of cardio and 2 workouts with Laura and Dayna. Today was a day of rest, a visit with my mother, a video and time to read the paper.

Here are a few segments of an article from Saturday’s Vancouver Sun about The Power Within Seminar that was at the Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre on Friday, March 19, 2005.

Notable speakers included Mark Burnett and Dr. Phil McGraw.

People need vision, Burnett said, but shouldn’t get caught up in being certain about success, because those who need certainty never act. And in crafting a vision, “you might as well think big and massive and scared.”

Fear, said McGraw, is humankind’s biggest motivator. People base many of life’s decisions, even if it’s to take no action, to avoid being afraid.

A few thoughts come to mind –

As John Kehoe said in his book “Mind Powers” – “Thoughts are real forces”.

People have to get that they must clear their fear and limiting beliefs because they will continually attract the evidence, the result, the experience, based upon what they believe.

I believe that one will also counter balance fear by continuing to focus on a big vision that is based upon values, positive beliefs and feelings – Simon