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Conversations With God

One of the things that attracted me to the coaching business was the business model of taking the last week of the month off from clients and speaking and this was offered by the late great Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach University.

This week off provides the coach the opportunity to work on the business versus continually working in the business looking after the needs of all of their clients.

You know what they say; “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”!

Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”

So true to form, Laura and I are taking this week to work on our business and we are looking at all aspects of the business.

Monday and Tuesday were invested in clarifying the components of our new Financial Advisor 2.0™ – The Next Generation™ program and a Budget Cash Flow Review.

* * *

We took a break on Monday evening to watch Neal Donald Walsh’s, Conversations With God DVD which we both enjoyed.


The biggest insight for me was the concept that we, or from my perspective, our dysfunctional ego mind rather than we, projected a confused role of both the loving and the dysfunctional side of our relationship with our parents on to God.

The judging voice that a lot of us thought was God was the innocent dysfunctional voice of our parents and we made a mistake in perception and thought that this was God’s voice when it was not.

An example would sound something like; “you are just like your father, you will never be any good”

This created a long separation from God’s voice for may people.

* * *

Here are the components of the Financial Advisor 2.0™ – The Next Generation™ program that we reviewed;

• Why?
• Budget Projections – Expenses and Pricing
• Program Development
• Marketing – E-Marketing
• Marketing – Speaking
• Additional Training

Part of our Quarterly Review has been a complete review of our Budget Cash Flow Spreadsheet which was needed as our business has been growing very quickly and costs have been escalating so the Budget Cash Flow Spreadsheet Review was timely.

You have heard the proverb; “Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened”

I create the Budget Cash Flow Spreadsheet in the now because I want to be on top of costs now creating steps to insure that the income is available versus finding out from the accountant that costs are up 25% and sales are down 25% when it is too late to respond to the information.

I am absolutely amazed at how may financial advisors that don’t have a Budget Cash Flow Spreadsheet as part of their business planning. I guess this goes along with survey results that indicate that 1/3 of financial advisors have no vision or business plan.

“Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened”

Our next steps are;

• Improve the system for following up on our public speaking attendees and integrate this with Financial Advisor 2.0™ – The Next Generation™
• Financial Advisor 2.0™ – The Next Generation™ product development
• Get fully associated to May’s schedule because this includes speaking in Vancouver, BC, Regina, SK, Oshawa, ON, Saskatoon, SK and Toronto, ON

Maybe some people make things happen to prove an untruth wrong from the past but in doing so, they become their own worst enemy.