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Come Along For A Bicycle Ride

Saturday morning brought time to reflect, letting my mind wonder vs. being 101% focused on a project so I used my journal to write down the various thoughts that came to mind while appreciating the view outside of my window.

bike ride 001.jpg
It is such a beautiful – let’s go for a bicycle ride and here are the pics along the way.

bike ride 002.jpg
One of the many neighbourhood ponds

bike ride 003.jpg
The grove of trees standing on First Nations protected land

bike ride 004.jpg
Georgia Straight

bike ride 006.jpg
The grove of trees, Georgia Straight looking North towards Rathtrevor Park

bike ride 007.jpg
Craig Bay Beach looking towards Rathtrevor Park

bike ride 008.jpg
Rathtrevor Park cycle path

bike ride 009.jpg
It’s not really that steep

bike ride 010.jpg
On the road to Rathtrevor Beach in Rathtrevor Park

bike ride 011.jpg
Rathtrevor Beach

bike ride 012.jpg
Rathtrevor Beach

bike ride 013.jpg
Can you see the eagles on top of the 3rd and 4th trees?