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Coaching Procedures

One of the components of the 1:1 Leading Advisor Coaching Program is my clients are requested to answer the following questions in advance of each of our telephone calls.

Reading the following Coaching Call Client Preparation Form really inspired me and I thought that I would share it with you, with my client’s permission of course.

Leading Advisor – Coaching Call Client Prep Form

What I Have Accomplished Since Our Last Call

– Completed lessons 6, 8 and 11.
– I did up the phone list for October and November and have noted beside the items to bring up.
– I have gone through my calendar and have blocked out Monday\’s and Friday\’s. With these days out and any PD Days that will leave 28 days between now and Christmas.
– I have also booked 3 maybe 4 days to market the _____________ Specialty.
– The contact list has been completed and letters will be merged and mailed.

What I Didn’t Get Done, But Intended To

– I did not rework the script that we worked on last week.

The Challenges and Problems I am Facing Now

– I was feeling a little overwhelmed on Tuesday, but then I had my assistant work with me for the better part of yesterday and he is coming in again today. I believe by Friday we will be back on track and will be able to implement the phoning list.

The Opportunities Which Are Available To Me Right Now

– I am feeling very good about what is ahead of me. I feel that I am going in better prepared and very confident.
– The opportunities are unlimited.

I Want To Use The Coach During The Call To-

– Moving forward, as I feel the momentum continuing to build

What Assignments/Tasks I Promise To Do By The Next Call

– Practice the script and as you would say \”own it\”

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