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Coaching concentration

A busy Wednesday and Thursday are ahead with 1-hour coaching calls. I have concentrated my one on one coaching calls into two days of the week to add value for my clients by being 100% focused on coaching during these two days. The value for my clients is compounded through the coaching, ideas and the solutions that are developed from preceding calls that often times get passed onto the next.

This gives me the opportunity to focus Monday, Tuesday and Friday to focus on Vision, Special Projects, Marketing & Sales, Writing and Practice Management.

I wonder what coaching, ideas and the solutions will be forthcoming from today’s’ calls?

The first conversation of the day – 6:15am at my local Starbucks. I go for Chai Tea first thing in the morning after I shower after doing 30 minutes of Cardio. I was greeted with a very cheery greeting from one of the baristas that I have not seen in a while. Long time no see as he said with a big smile. Where have you been I said? I have been visiting my wife in the Philippines. This man, and I say man with a great deal of respect, is working at Starbucks and putting himself through post secondary school in a country that is thousands of miles away from his family. He is doing what winners do!