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Coaching Call Follow Up

Here is an edited copy of an e-mail that I sent to a client after a Wednesday coaching call.

Hi __________,

Thank you for today’s coaching call.

Click here to listen to today’s call; ( blank – we send our clients a recording of their session )

Congratulations on the work that you did on the story, the clearing and boundaries.

I believe that this will strengthen your foundation and cause your plans and efforts to attract more significant results while demonstrating by example to others.

As a reminder here is the language for;

• Time wasters in the office; “Would you be willing to help me? I have a pressing deadline on a project. Is there something specific that I can help you with that I can get back to you on? Thanks for understanding.”

• People trying to dump their work on you; “Thanks for asking for my help and I’m unable to help you right now … Perhaps there is another way that you can get this done? Thanks for understanding.”

• Avoiding negativity from people; “I’m working on a strategy to stay positive. I’m sure you have heard the expression that if you don’t have something posative to say about someone, don’t say it at all. With respect, I have heard you make the same comments a number of times. It’s best that you take your comments up with the person that you are speaking about. Thanks for understanding.”

In respect to marketing …

• Review your clients and note the similar businesses / industries that they are in
o At the same time, think about how you can add value to specific businesses / industries via articles, conferences/tradeshows, e-newsletters and speaking. Your message would follow the following format; We understand you. You are experiencing __________, __________ and __________. We have developed the __________ Process/System to eliminate __________, __________ and __________. Would you like to schedule a conversation so that we can discuss this?
• Review the Industrial Directory and find similar businesses with the intention of meeting X# of contacts in 2008

Use the following script to gain their support;

• What do you like best about dealing with me?
• What are you receiving that you did not expect?
• What do I need to do to improve my service? If there isn’t anything to improve …
• I wondering if I can ask you for your help … Do you know anyone over at ( ____________ business ) that you can introduce me to?

You can gain more insight into the above by reading the article on asking for and receiving referrals.

Please find attached assignments on Simplify Your Life, Get Yourself Complete and Create & Use 10 Daily Habits.

Thanks for the opportunity to be of service.