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Coaching Call Client Prep Form

Here is an excellent reply from one of our clients to the question; What have I accomplished since our last call. We wend out a Coaching Call Client Prep Form in advance of each call and the form includes the following questions;

• What I Have Accomplished Since Our Last Call
• What I Didn’t Get Done, But Intended To
• The Challenges and Problems I am Facing Now
• The Opportunities Which Are Available To Me Right Now
• I Want To Use The Coach During The Call To…
• What Assignments/Tasks I Promise To Do By The Next Call

“I wrote my first long term care application last Friday. I was pretty excited as noted last week, it came as a result of active listening and asking the right questions during the application for their life policy.

I wrote a disability policy on Monday and in that appointment we also discuss critical illness and I am to follow up with quotes.

Then on top of that I had an appointment with an existing client to review his life and disability and he was questioning whether to keep the disability at this time. I felt that I was able to express to him the reasons why to keep but more importantly, I directed questions to him in a manner that he was able to see the importance of not only keeping the policy but I am going to look at business overhead for him to cover his fixed expenses. Then when we moved to the life insurance again he wondered if the policy he owned was the better or if there were newer products that might offer him more options. I went through the options of the policy and again use questions to uncover his current needs and in the end he decided that he wants to direct cash into the policy and therefore take advantage of the tax sheltering available with the tax exempt portion.

In the end I was able to not only keep the current policies in place, but we are going to do some additions. It just felt good again to really be able to take control of the situation, questions, and know that I that job I am doing a good job for my clients.”