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Clock Work Pro-Seminars

In follow up to how do I create the results that I am getting through public speaking –

I promised to write an article for today’s Blog. I wrote the article on my flight to the Pro-Seminars Richmond Presentation. It still needs to be type set into the computer. Yesterday was a very long day with an early flight on Monday and client calls until 5:30pm Monday, so the article will have to wait.

The Presentation to Pro-Seminars was like Clock Work as the following testimonials will attest. A number of prospective clients came forward requesting a conversation about becoming a client. Over 20 prospective clients asked to be signed up to my new 12 Day E-Course on “Being” An Advisor.

Remember, clients buy from you when they know you, trust you, like you, respect you, get value and when they are ready.
A hint about how do I create the results that I am getting through public speaking – Maybe that is all I need to say without writing an article. I may save the article for my April 1st E-Newsletter. Start Advising & Stop Selling! Advising is about adding Value, Selling is about getting your Needs met.

I don’t go about getting my Needs met from my clients and it is all about giving Value.

Testimonials from Pro-Seminars, Richmond BC March 20, 2006

“Your presentation brings back into focus that I need to be working on my business, not in my business, and the reminder that a successful business requires the proper business planning. You focus on the strong emotional and spirituals side of business and the importance of knowing ones’ values – it’s not just about making the numbers.”

“Your business experience really shines through when you are speaking. I didn’t want your presentation to end, it was so enlightening.”

“Great material delivered with such enthusiasm. By listening to you, I found that you reignited my confidence in my business.”

“The insight you share related to the root problems a person may be having within their business is most extraordinary and so relevant.”

“The energy you exude during your presentation is infectious! I really enjoyed the material you shared related to scripts when asking for referrals.”

“Simon’s energy and simple method of tapping into the real issues an advisor faces in their business is so refreshing. He is able to simply explain the emotional connection to the professional side of business, and it was fascinating.”

“Listening to your presentation today, gave me a wake up call. I’m asking myself, “Where am I going?” Your Scientific Approach to understanding my own areas of strength and the areas where I am not so strong, has really made me question where I want to be.”

“Your material is so relevant. You have given me ideas, simple things that I can do right now to help my business. Something as simple as preparing a journal and reviewing my accomplishments for 2005 and recognizing how those accomplishments make me feel – I’m going to do this.”

“When you posed the question to the audience, “Even though you are still working, have you already retired emotionally?” hit me like a ton of bricks.” Your notion that the concept of ?¢‚’motivation’ is overused and may not be essential to initiating real change within ones’ life – that was fascinating.”

“Simon’s presentation is honest and real. He talks about the common problems advisors are facing today.”