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Client Thoughts – July 11, 2006

Thoughts come to me after client conversations relating to the conversations from the previous week.

Clients Thoughts (Blog) is an experiment of instead of writing to clients individually, Clients Thoughts (Blog) offers my thoughts anonymously posting all of them into one Blog and then inviting my clients to the Client Thoughts Blog. The value is all clients and all readers alike will get benefit from all of the Thoughts.

Thought – Fearless

We talked last week about coming from the place of being “fearless”. My response was that while valid, one could unconsciously remind themselves that they are trying to avoid fear thereby continuing to make it real. Here are some alternatives.

– Abundance
– Endeavor
– Energize
– Free
– Impact
– Inspire
– Prosperous
– Quest
– Thrilled
– Triumph
– Venture

Thought – Do you have a High I as your Core Behavioral Style?

The High I Behavioral Style likes to talk out their actions which often lead to the many brilliant ideas that they carry in their heads.

It is said that if you are a Manager of a person with a High I Behavioral Style, in order for your management to be most effective it is best that you document the discussions that you had with the High I Behavioral Style so that they can be effective at prioritizing and executing outcomes, as an example Business Values, Vision, Business Plan and Goals.

The irony is “what if you are the Manager of your Business Values, Vision, Business Plan and Goals and you have a High I Behavioral Style as your Core Behavioral Style?

What has to change for you to create the time to write out your Business Values, Vision, Business Plan and Goals?

Thought – Incomplete In A Relationship

They say whatever is left incomplete in a relationship, whether it is business or personal, you bring it to the next only two times worse. Without being aware of it, we subconsciously learn patterns, whether functional or not and we often get reengaged in these patterns going from one relationship to the next. To gain further understanding and free yourself from these patterns I recommend reading Harville Hendrix’s book “Getting The Love You Want”.

– photo courtesy of www.amazon.com

Thought – At My Signal, Unleash Hell

June was a month when it was time to stop working with 3 clients because of;

– failure to show up on time for appointments combined with repeated re-scheduling to the point of the ridiculous
– bounced cheques – if you can imagine from financial advisors?!? **
– repeated promises that the cheques are in the mail

( ** they say that we often teach what we need to learn the most )

A quote by Russell Crowe as Maximus in the Gladiator comes to mind as I will be sending the bounced cheques and delinquent accountants to my solicitor along with Russell’s quote of “At My Signal, Unleash Hell”.

If I sound a little pissed, I am – no apologies. No one appreciates being lied to.

It will be highly embracing for them within their offices when judgments are served and guarantees are applied to the advisors paycheques.

– photo courtesy of www.geocities.com

Thought – Vision

Vision without action is a daydream, action without Vision is a nightmare.

Thought – Windfall & Reserve

Congratulations on your windfall! Please remember to budget out your upcoming expenditures and responsibilities. Remember to include a minimum of $20,000 in reserve to provide you the foundation “so that you don’t need to sell”.

Thought – Photo Blog

You have appreciated many of the ideas that I have offered while we have been working together. I recall you exclaiming “where do you get these ideas from?!?” Remember the idea of creating a photo blog for your clients?

This article was in The Province on Sunday, July 9, 2006

Time capsules online Living Journals: Messages stored to be opened in future

Jennifer Campbell, CanWest NewsService Published: Sunday, July 09, 2006

OTTAWA — After his first daughter, Zoe, was born, David Ryan started carrying a journal everywhere he went.
He wanted to record his thoughts so that when his daughter was older, she could see what her young father was thinking at different intervals in her life. He also invited others — her mother, grandparents, aunts and uncles — to write notes in the book.

For the complete article, here is the link:


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Thought – Vision, Is It Big Enough?

You are doing extraordinary work and you are meeting and exceeding your goals and expectations. Are your Vision and Goals big enough? What are you doing to deliver the message that you have been entrusted with to deliver?

Thought – Meditation

In follow up to the meditation system that I offered you on Friday –

This article was in The Sun on Saturday July 8, 2006

Will Canada’s ‘secret weapon’ give Italy an edge?

MONTREAL — When Italy plays against France on Sunday in the World Cup final, some of the team’s best players will be relying on a secret weapon.

Shoes with special cleats? No. Shorts that make a forward run faster? Not really.

Rather, the secret weapon in question is called the Mind Room and it was developed right here in Canada.
In the Mind Room, the athletes lie on reclining chairs, their bodies strapped to the ProComp device that measures seven physiological signs — from their brain waves and muscle tension to their breathing and heart rate. De Michelis then trains them to use their minds to reach a meditative state.

For the complete article, here is the link:


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Thought – Are You Fair Game?

While you are holidays – you may want to be sensitive to some of your very best and biggest clients – the reason that I say this is that your pre-announcement could trigger some advisors to see you and your clients as “fair game”.

Thought – Siblings

This article on the cover of this week’s issue of Time Magazine caught my eye.


The New Science of Siblings

Your parents raised you. Your spouse lives with you. But it’s your brothers and sisters who really shaped you. Surprising research reveals how

For the complete article, here is the link:


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