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Client Stress, Results And Remembering To Give Thanks

Over the course of the week I’ve been noticing that a number of clients have been experiencing some burn out and that they have been loosing the inspiration for their business.

As one client said, “Last week if someone would have given me a nickel for my business I would have sold it”.

So what is going on?

We are sixty days ( September & October ) out of the lazy days of summer ( July & August ).

The day after Labor Day the inner voice says “On my command, WORK!”

And then we go wide open with all of our goals and as I reflect on some of my clients, here is just a partial list of their accomplishments for the past two months;

– Asked a non productive senior manager to leave
– Built and or upgraded the web site
– Completed an audit
– Completed the vision and goals for 2006
– Conflict resolution completed
– Created two new world class product ideas
– Eliminated miscommunications
– Exceeded the sales campaign goal by 25% (the goal was the highest ever to begin with)
– Healed from an operation
– Hired a new business manager
– Hired a new full time assistant and associate agent
– Home listed
– Implemented a brand new marketing plan
– Made an offer on a new office
– Made number 2 in the office
– Made number 3 in the office
– On track to be the first one in the region to break 1 million in sales volume
– Opened a one million dollar case
– Produced a new e-newsletter
– Provided an in-office team building workshop that joined the team together in a brand new way and ignited the team’s passion like never before
– Purchased a brand new car
– Purchased a brand new SUV
– Purchased and installed a new computer system
– Purchased a new house
– Purchased critical illness and life insurance
– Purchased new suits, shirts, ties and shoes
– Re-financed the business
– Relationship reignited and brought to a whole new level
– Re-negotiated a contract with a number one supplier
– Re-negotiated a take over bid for the company
– Sold $3.5 million in sales
– Started and completed sales campaign
– Traveled to and attended a conference
– Traveled to and attended a study group
– Went to Europe
– Year end completed with sales 45% over forecast

When I asked my clients if they had stopped to take the time to give thanks and acknowledge themselves and their team mates, some said –

So on behalf of all of my clients I’m taking the time to give thanks and stand back in amazement acknowledging their results.