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Choosing One Big Thing, Not The Next Big Thing

Yesterday’s Blog was a Milestone as it was the 800th Blog Entry.

We’ve just completed a huge cleanup after our return from May’s busy public speaking schedule and our Business Retreat in England.

You can read more about the cleanup plan in;

Friday’s Blog; Getting This Done
Monday’s Blog; Command Central Is Organized

Clarity of vision and focus returned to choosing one big thing versus obsessively looking for the next big thing over and over and over after completing an exhaustive review of my computer documents, e-mails, files, journal, desk and projects.

Choosing one big thing;

• Complete the Removing Your Roadblocks Book and Workbook for delivery for the September 2007 speaking events.

No more good ideas – constant and never ending good ideas are for needy, approval, recognition and worthiness seeking obsessive compulsive getting your needs met disorder people who are constantly looking for the next big thing just for the next hit of adrenaline.

Rather harsh wouldn’t you say? Sometimes it takes telling the truth to focus on one big thing and get on with it. Funny thing, the marketing experts are touting the next big thing as being an expert at one big thing and embracing the micro niche; “Removing Your Roadblocks”

As mid year of 2007 approaches, this is about cleaning up and getting organized for the next half of 2007.

An essential part of being ready for the next half of 2007 is journaling and giving thanks for all of our accomplishments for the first half of 2007. I plan to settle down with my journal to do this sometime over the July 1st Canada Day long weekend.