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Chase, Get The Stick


The weekend was a fantastic weekend with spending time with Laura, walking and running Chase, watching hockey and movies with friends, two bicycle power rides, reading an article about Sydney Banks and a trip to the Fitness Store to purchase a Polar Heart Monitor.


I am hitting the hills really hard on the bike and I am curious about how fast the ticker is ticking. I will find out on my ride on Monday afternoon.

Sydney Banks is a philosopher and the writer of the Enlightened Gardener series.

While Banks has a huge following, I wonder if his ego created what appears to be a way of disassociating from the inner child work that he may not have gotten to and created a way of mind control to medicate and stay away from the feelings that he may not have dealt with. There are many ways on the path to enlightenment.

Here is an excerpt from the article;

To Banks, space, matter and time are an illusion, a dream. The only three things that are real are what he calls Mind (“the source of all intelligence”), Consciousness (“which allows us to be aware”) and Thought (“which guide us through the world as free-thinking agents”).

You can read the whole article here; ‘I Don’t Read … I Write’ – Writer/philosopher Sydney Banks has a huge following, but he rarely reads

Monday started early with getting re-associated to my book through a review on the technical table of contents that I had already created. I’m looking at a way to integrate the technical with a story about fictitious financial advisors as they go through the process of seeing me speak right through to completing the Leading Advisor Coaching Program.

On another note, the January E-Newsletter was well received and the reason that I say this is we have received about 10 new subscribers since the E-Newsletter went out on January 17th.

Finally, it feels good to be off the road until the first week in March so that I can settle into working with my clients from the office, get back into fantastic cycling shape and invest my spare time into relaxing and writing my book.

8am brought a rare Monday morning prospect appointment that created a brand new client.

It is working like clockwork – coaching, speaking writing.

– photo courtesy of; www.clockwork.com.au/

The rest of the day included;

• Planning the day / week / meeting with Laura
• Sales – review of one on one clients (watch the space that we have)
• Sales – review speaking prospects
• Preparing for a week of client calls
• Writing the blog