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Celebrating The First Half Of 2007 & Setting The Stage To Make This The Best Year Ever

Step 1) Clear next’s week’s calendar for Monday & Tuesday
Step 2) Book a retreat hotel location for Sunday & Monday night
Step 3) On Monday, waking up at the retreat hotel, write down everything that you have to give thanks for in all areas of your business and personal life for the first half of 2007. In the event that your ego mind comes up with something negative, use The Clearing Process. Segueing off of your giving thanks list …
Step 4) Get out of overwhelm. Write down everything that is incomplete in all areas of your business and life. Ask what do you want to do, what don’t you want to do … in essence you are writing the job description for a person that will be suited to doing what you don’t what to do. Read the following Blogs for more information.
Getting Things Done
Command Central
Step 5) Write a 3 year vision for your business and personal life
Step 6) Create an expense and income budget to realize your vision for the next 12 months
Step 7) Plan your calendar for the next 12 months, estimate your free days, your buffer (planning) days and focus (income generating) days. * Free days, buffer days and focus days were created by Dan Sullivan of The Strategic Coach. Read the following Blog for more information.
Planning Time
Step 8) Divide your income for the next 12 months by the number of focus days to determine the income per day that you intend to generate for the next 12 months.
Step 9) Focus on intend on your income for the next 12 months on a daily basis
Step 10) Review your vision and create 90 day goals
Step 11) Schedule your 90 day goals
Step 12) Act
Step 13) Review your daily actions and give thanks every day