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Capturing The Audience’s Attention – “Deflecting Their Reality”

Back in Toronto after a 2 hour drive from London, Ontario and settled for the balance of the day of writing.

As I go through the following list of questions with the audience, there are always a couple of attendees that “Deflecting Their Reality” by making jokes about what I am talking about.

– Do you have to get pumped up to sell?
– Are you trying to fly solo?
– Are you selling too many products?
– Do you feel a lack of acknowledgement for the work that you do for your clients or company?
– Do you have way too many clients and are not making enough money?
– Are you doing way too many favors?
– Do you have conflict with management, staff and other advisors and are just winging it when it comes to hiring new people?
– Do you fail to delegate, try to do everything yourself and are too busy doing $20 per hour work?
– Do you try to serve anyone and everyone?
– Are you addicted to growth?
– Are you afraid to ask for referrals because of a fear of rejection?
– Are you only marginally interested in professional growth because you are too busy?
– Do you have no clue about what success would mean to you?
– Even though you are still working, have you already retired emotionally?

Their faces are very somber after I share the following.

“Yeah I know. None of these items affects you. You go through your week and then go to the bar with your friends and associates putting on a brave face as to how great things are laughing it up all the way. Then there you are. It is Saturday morning and your are on the couch, burned out wondering how you are going to find the energy to make it through the next week. Could it be that you are trying to get your needs met though your clients and you have no clue?”

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach