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Canada Life & Desjardins Financial Services Speaking Opportunities

Monday’s 5am start in the hotel gym in Calgary, AB was well worth the investment of energy and time and helped to set the stage for an absolutely fantastic day.

I’m seriously thinking about investing in a stationary bike because I find that I can cycle and meditate at the same time getting into a strong cycling groove working up a healthy sweat and 25 minutes goes by like 5.

My 8am 2008 Removing Your Roadblocks Presentation went exceptionally well for Pro-Seminars in Calgary with lots of expressed interest in coaching, e-book and e-newsletter.

I walked out of an absolutely amazing meeting 10am meeting with Barbara Kwasnik of Desjardins Financial Services and I say amazing because Barbara is a shining example and sets a very high standard for the kind of person that is needed at the owner and management level in financial services.

I called Laura on the phone a Laura said; “Guess what, we got the speaking presentation that I have been speaking with Neil Kellock about for Canada Life in Toronto in February!” I offered Laura my congratulations! Then I said, guess what, Barbara Kwasnik wants us to speak at their Desjardins Financial Services conference in May in Calgary!

We both gave thanks and noted that this is only the 9th working day of 2008. Let’s mark this one up as a day to remember.

Speaking is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get! Neil Kellock saw me speak at Advocis Durham in May 2007 and Barbara Kwasnik saw me speak at Pro-Seminars Las Vegas in September 2007.