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Can you imagine?

I confess. I’m actually doing what I recommend. Actually stopping to take the time to again – review, reflect, recognize and re-focus. And heaven forbid on a Monday and Tuesday! I should be doing this kind of work during the evening and on weekends. Wrong! I’m allowing myself the latitude after having completed the Web Site working from September 04 to May 05. After this length of time and work, perspectives change and I wish to stop long enough to gain that perspective.

It’s Tuesday evening and a lot of progress has been made as I am completing the prioritizing of the planning review.

And I know that it is working because I am gaining clarity and the energy that goes along with it.

I’m taking a rather selfish approach to the rest of the week rescheduling all non-coaching related appointments to next week.

It is like taking a holiday from; computer systems, marketing, product development, sales, web site development and writing.

I hope to share planning / mind mapping strategies in the not too distant future.

Wednesday is a coaching day and looking forward to connecting with my clients.