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Can You Clearly Hear The Truth?

When the dysfunctional ego mind is quiet I find that I can clearly hear the truth.

the ride 001.jpg
The Machine

Prior to my October 31st – November 3rd trip to Ottawa & Toronto, ON, I believe that I road “The Machine” on a fast 10km ride over roads and forest trails for nearly every day from October 5th – 29th. At the end of this cycle I was amazed at the cardio and core strength that I had built up. I managed to keep myself in shape by working out three times when I was on this last trip.

Two of the clear thoughts that I have had over the past two weeks were;

Clear Thought #1 – Stretch! You are in great shape and you have to stretch!

As I was half way through delivering the 1 hour speaking presentation at the Independent Financial Brokers Summit on November 2nd, the power on the microphone went out for about 5 minutes while Paul the A/V Person sorted it out and I just kept speaking using a vast amount of energy and cardio to be able to keep up the pace and the volume that the 250 people in the crowd needed to enable them to hear me. The pace is important for two reasons; one is I just finished delivering the same presentation in 1 ?Ǭ? hours to Pro-Seminars in Ottawa on October 31st and I had to find 15 minutes and the second is an energetic connection with the audience is so important.

Clear Thought #2 – I am sure glad that I do the amount of cardio that I do as I noticed my self delivering with energy and intensity and I wasn’t close to being out of breath. 🙂 You know what they say “There are no fat old men – the fat ones all die young”.

The main thing is to take action when you hear the truth.

I am paying for not stretching as I have a sore back from so many hours on the airplane and walking on concrete floors wearing leather shoes.

So the actions are stretch and wear shoes with softer soles.