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Can A Computer Melt Down Be An Opportunity?

My computer did not melt down exactly.

I’m writing this blog on my laptop while I’m slowly closing over an estimated 100 open pages (most saved – some not), while using 7 different types of software on my desktop computer.

Talk about true confessions.

Yes I am multi-tasking also – each page is taking about a minute to close so it is a very slow process. So why not write a Blog article out of it?

Having 100 open pages, while using 7 different types of software on my desktop computer is a result of last week being very busy. The true confessions part is sometimes I get really busy and I don’t close each document or program as I finish with it and again can have as many as 7 programs running along with the 100 opened pages on my desktop using two 17″ monitors and the RAM of my computer either freezes up or really slows down. More true confessions, if the computer didn’t slow down or freeze up because of a lack of RAM its no telling how many pages and software would be open on my desk top at any one given time.

In today’s case both monitors are fluttering on and off so that I am getting sporadic views of the pages. Basically I can see then document and then it is black and this is fluctuating every second. So one by one I am clicking on each document as it comes into view and saving and closing it. This is causing me to take ?Ǭ? – ?Ǭæ of an hour first thing on a Tuesday morning of a 4 day week to, one by one, save and close the pages.

The reason that I called this “an opportunity” is because this is an opportunity to stay in peace and harmony and “be awake”.

The alternative is to go into high drama, curse and swear, get into anger and frustration. And make things a lot worse and worst of all allowing my dysfunctional ego mind to get another hit of its addiction to negative energy.

Which is not happening. 🙂 Just as I am writing this line, which again I am doing on my laptop, the problem on my main computer has stopped. The fluttering on and off so that I am getting sporadic views of the pages seemed to be caused by a potential virus that was intercepted by my antivirus software. Although, not quite.

The fluttering on and off stopped as soon as I closed MS Outlook.

Closing down software was the last set of steps in closing my computer down – after the 100 or so pages.

What have I learned?

– stay in peace and harmony and “be awake” no matter what
– all my work was saved and I did not loose any of the 100 pages
– diarize to close all of my open pages of my computer desktop at the end of the day or better yet as I use them
– track the documents that are created by date, document type, area of business that they relate to, action taken, next action, next action start date and next action completion date