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But I Am Not Referable

In speaking with a client today, my client told me the reason that they don’t ask for referrals is that they believe – “I don’t believe that I am referable.”

I asked my client whose belief is “I don’t believe that I am referable” – is it YOU or your dysfunctional ego mind?

My client replied that it is their dysfunctional ego mind.

I asked my client if you were to rate your clients by; A, B & C how would you rate your level of service, 1 – 10, 10 being the highest?

My client replied they would rate themselves a “9”.

This further confirmed that my client was right that it is their dysfunctional ego mind that – “I don’t believe that I am referable”.

Their dysfunctional ego mind has had years of experience of repeating – “I don’t believe that I am referable”.

I requested that my client write out the following journaling for 20 different clients and their situations.

The outcome is to get associated to a brand new set of Values, relating to Clients, relating to Service Action that relate to a brand new set of feelings and beliefs.

I asked my client to read the following completed journal statements 3 times over.

The final step is doing a Clearing around asking for referrals.

The next step, call the 20 clients and ask for referrals.


I observe my value of __________________ was met when I provided the following my client Mr. Mrs. Ms. _______________ with the following service of __________________ and therefore I feel __________________ and therefore I am referable.

Write out the above statement 20 times with 20 different clients / instances.

The outcome of the above journaling is to create the time for YOU to focus on YOU rather that being consumed by the dysfunctional ego mind.