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Budget Cash Flow Insanity


I’m opening my speaking presentations with the questions;

• Are you a financial advisor?
• Are you a financial survivor?

I believe that many financial survivors got into the financial advisor industry because they experienced negative emotions and messages about money in their family of origin.

They didn’t feel safe because they constantly felt afraid and heard that there wasn’t enough money and vowing to never experience this experience again, they got into the financial advisor industry.

Trouble is, they are still surviving.

What’s my evidence?

A study that indicates that 33% of financial advisors have no business plan.

This would include operating a business without a budget cash flow spreadsheet.

Here is a copy of an e-mail that I sent to a client on Thursday as a reminder.

Hi John Doe,

I am checking to see if you have scheduled the time to get on top of your budget cash flow.

The ego will want to convince you that you don’t have time and that you don’t have the money to stop.

What is sad is, by not doing this you will keep your hair on fire and keep on running and running and running and surviving.

What ever the truth is in the budget cash flow, once you are finished with the insane ego mind’s stories, you will settle into attracting more money.

If you need short term financing at some point in time, so be it, you are worth it.

Tough love from your coach looking over your shoulder.