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First of all please join me in wishing Kim Black and her family your positive thoughts and prayers as Kim and her family were evacuated from their home on Monday because of the fires that are burning in California.

On a lighter note, I had a good laugh with a client on Monday when I was reading through some of the client’s assignment work on Simplify Your Life.

I read through the following items and beside each one my client had written “B.S.”

• Errands. Get your food delivered, cleaning delivered or hire a weekly service.
• Filing/Admin. Hire someone to come in 4 hours a week.
• Food Preparation. Have healthy food prepared/delivered to you.
• House Cleaning. Hire a housekeeper.
• Bill Paying. Use quicken or hire a bill-paying service.

When I enquired as to what “B.S.” meant my client replied; “I completed these items “Before Simon”.

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Monday afternoon was invested in coaching calls with clients and Monday morning was invested in preparing to attend and speak at The Independent Financial Brokers Summit in Toronto, ON.

Thank you to Phil Hauser for taking his time with me to review the IFB exhibitors and speakers to identify the companies that sponsor speakers for conferences and product road shows.

I’m investing Monday evening and early Tuesday morning in;

• Identify the companies that sponsor speakers for conferences and product road shows.
• Identifying the speaking presentations that I would like attend
• Identifying networking opportunities
• Firming up my Power Point Presentation
• Meditation when I get up at 5:30am

“Mindfulness meditation, an ancient ritual in which students learn to focus on the present rather than past regrets or future anxieties, is attracting a new strand of elite followers.”

This quote was clipped from an article in yesterday’s Globe & Mail entitled;

Executives find another way to transcend the daily grind