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Branding & Packaging


Monday included a partial Client Day in the early morning and the balance of the day was invested in fine tuning our Brand working with Bill Bishop of Bishop Information Group Inc.

Bill put us through a rigorous review and re-design of the following.

We hired an expert to do this so that we have a clear message that flows through all of our material. Given the commitment to the book, these components must all fit together in a succinct and professional way as anything less will look amateur.

• Customer Type
• Ideal Clients
• Benefits
• Model & Anti Model
• Elevator Speech
• Parables – Our Storey & Client Storey
• Delivery Process
• Program
• Client Storey Model & Anti Model
• Close
• Scorecard
• Headline / Book Title and Subtitle
• Packaging
• Graphics – Word Mark, Logo, Book Covers

Intrigued? Want to know what all these titles mean?

Stay tuned for more in the future.

Tuesday is a full Client Day and Wednesday – Friday are Product Developments Days in the morning, planning in the afternoon and R & R in the later afternoon.