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Book Notes

Book Notes – August 8th, 2006

Book Notes is a list of ideas and thoughts that have come to me during the course of my writing project and they are listed here in alphabetical order. The ideas and thoughts may or may not find their way into the book.

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– Anosognia p. 74
– Are people bored or are they scared?
– Believe that I am rich
– Blog, cyworld, kelley, myspace, second life,
– Book – e-book and hard copy
– Central locking p. 121
– C.G. pitch
– Complete www.eliminatefear.com
– David Benefield
– Fulfillment planner
– http://www.nowandnext.com/
– http://www.nowandnext.com/ – link to advisors (chapter 2)
– Viral marketing

August 5th, 2006

– http://www.nowandnext.com/
– Fear – video game
– “Satruday” book
– You were sold a dream – 59 Cadillac – Fear
– Now you are being sold something else
– Tiger Woods

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach