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Book Introduction

(Welcome and Note To Reader – The following article is related to either the Book that I am writing or the Web Site Writing Upgrade that I started on August 8th, 2006. For more insight you are welcome to click the following link to read Selfish Blogging Or Stop Blogging? )

Book Introduction – Menu Of Articles

– Reading This Book & Completing The Assignments Will Eliminate Your Fear
– Vision
– Title – Eliminate Fear
– www.eliminatefear.com
– Fear Of Naming This Book
– Why Did I Have Fear About Naming This Book?
– In Fear My Whole Life
– Fear About Marketing The Book
– The Anthony Robbins Franchise
– Getting Clear About Issues, Topics & Trends
– Understanding Demographics & Niches
– 13 Rules Of Niche
– Going Deep Versus Wide
– That Settles It, The Book Title Is –
– Future Titles

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach