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Book Introduction – Article #1

(Welcome and Note To Reader – The following article is related to either the Book that I am writing or the Web Site Writing Upgrade that I started on August 8th, 2006. For more insight you are welcome to click the following link to read Selfish Blogging Or Stop Blogging? )

Book Introduction – Article #1

Reading This Book & Completing The Assignments Will Eliminate Your Fear.

I’ve heard that the best way to start any kind of a project given that you have the experience and results backed up with heart and soul is to make an opening statement to back up your experience, results, heart and soul.

“Reading This Book & Completing The Assignments Will Eliminate Your Fear”

My Vision, Purpose & Mission

The late great Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach University defined Vision, Purpose & Mission as;

– Vision is about what you see as possible.
– Purpose is how you are going to be, to further that possibility.
– Mission is what you are going to do, to make that vision happen.

My Vision is to help our clients and their teams to feel fulfilled through the development, realization and enactment of their tru-values, vision, mission and purpose.

fulfillment – a deep, soul-orientated feeling that one experiences when they are expressing their values, as in being themselves.

My Purpose is to seek wisdom, provide encouragement, and teach understanding.

My Mission is to connect, encourage and renew fulfillment with all people that we serve.

– Have a vision not clouded by fear. – Cherokee Proverb

Fear not that your life will someday end. Fear only that you do nothing with it. – Unknown

There is more to follow. Here is the revised Book Introduction Sub-Titles List.

Book – Introduction

– Reading This Book & Completing The Assignments Will Eliminate Your Fear
– My Vision, Purpose & Mission
– Is Your Vision Big Enough?
– The Book Title – Eliminating Fear
– www.eliminatefear.com & www.eliminatingfear.com
– I Had Fear When It Came To Naming The Title Of This Book
– Why Did I Have Fear About Naming This Book?
– I’ve Lived In Fear For Most Of My Life
– The Origin Of The Fear Of Naming The Book
– The Real Origin Of The Fear Of Naming The Book
– The Anthony Robbins / Tony Robbins Franchise
– Understanding Demographics & Niches
– Getting Clear About Issues, Topics & Trends
– 13 Rules Of Niche
– Going Deep Versus Wide
– That Settles It, The Book Title Is –
– Future Titles

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach