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Blog Writing Clarity

– photo courtesy of www.clarity4words.co.uk

Yesterday’s Blog talked about my research on the Financial Advisor Blog.

This Financial Advisor Blog search was brought about by an idea that I have for my clients to integrate Blogging into their Marketing Plans.

On another note, as I did my research, it became clear that I can get my Blog posted on a number of different Blog sites.

At the same time I realized that my Blog needs to be repurposed. We have been doing behind the scenes work on our web site now for quite a while to this end. The repurposed web site will be launched later this year.

The outcome of the re-purposing is to offer more client orientated information versus my Blog being a personal Blog as it was originally intended. This idea was supported by the idea that “clients will buy from you when they know you, respect you, trust you, when they get value and when they are ready”. Blogging, especially the personal Blogs was and is a way to create the opportunity for clients to get to know me. So it is all still good.

So re-focusing or re-purposing my Blog to be more client focused and to be more specific leads me to adding Categories to the my Blog site.

Note that we have added a Categories List in the Right Hand Menu Section of the Blog that looks something like the following example below this paragraph. The Categories that are in bold have Category specific Blogs linked to the individual Categories. The Categories that are not bold still have to have Blogs linked to them. The Categories will make it easier for the reader to search under specific Categories.

I believe that the Categories will help me to focus the writing.




The Categories follow the 10 Steps in The Leading Advisor Coaching Program.

1. “Removing The Mental Road Blocks To Your Success”
2. Construct a powerful three year vision
3. Plan the time to plan strategies & systems
4. Control your finances
5. Communication, management & motivation
6. Attract, hire & lead championship advisors & support team
7. Refine your selling & marketing skills
8. Create a low-cost niche marketing engine
9. Deliver ‘wow’ customer service
10. Maintain balance between work, rest & play

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach