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Blog # 1000!

Marketing is the process of elimination and clients will either like me or not. So in essence, hurry up and not like me so that I can get on with working with those who do because if you don’t like what I am writing about, you will not like me as your coach.

This 1000th edition of my blog that I started in February of 2005 is a reminder that my blog gives both clients and prospective clients the opportunity to look over my shoulder at what is going on;

* In my personal life – In November, I committed to getting back to my cycling and since then I have cycled or done cardio on a stationary bike in hotel gyms at least four times a week

* With coaching – I wrote a blog on January 17, 2008 called Many Are Called, Few Are Ready where I wrote about a prospective client walking up to me after January 16th’s presentation in Vancouver, BC and said; “I’ve seen you speak at least four times and while I am very successful there is something that is not quite right and I believe it is time that we have a conversation”. That prospective client became a client today.

* With marketing – I had a pre-presentation interview on Tuesday with Neil Kellock of Canada Life for a presentation that I am doing in February in Toronto, ON … this is to make sure that I am 100% associated to the message that they would like to offer the 150+ financial advisors in attendance. I received the invitation to Canada Life’s presentation because Neil saw me speak at a presentation for Advocis Durham in May of 2007.

* With planning – I am still hot and heavy into using David Allen’s Getting Things Done System Using Outlook.

* With product development – Kim Black has updated our Removing Your Roadblocks PDF & 12 Day E-Course, click here to view the Audio / Power Point Upgrade.

Thank you for your time.