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Birth Of The Dysfunctional Ego Mind


• YOU were born perfect
• Perfect child of your parents
• Most of the time, parents met physiological, educational, emotional and spiritual needs
• One day … What are you bothering me for?!?
• Your Dysfunctional Ego Mind was born to cope with the pain and separation which was a mistake in perception
• The feelings of disconnection from parental love were strong …
• This was the birth of the Unmet Need of Worthiness …
• Lead to limiting beliefs of I am not good enough
• Lead to feelings of shame
• Lead to your Busi-ness
• In the pursuit of the feelings of worthiness
• You went after money or possessions
• That is what your parents did
• Well I’ll show them
• I’ll never go through that again
• I’ll become a financial advisor
• Your Dysfunctional Ego Mind thought
• Find what I am missing by being a financial advisor
• In the pursuit of what is missing, you miss more
• With Unmet Needs and Limiting Beliefs around I am not Worthy, you attract what you believe.