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Being Honest About The Last Three Not So Lazy Working Days Of Summer


Sometimes the best laid plans have to be changed.

I am writing this publicly as a demonstration that being authentic and honest is the best policy. You know the expression; “you don’t have a secret, the secret has you”. If you are a client your will understand that I am writing this after completing The Clearing Process.

The plan for this week’s pre-scheduled Planning Days for Wednesday – Friday was to work on my book and it is still on the shelf and will probably stay there.

Truth is a few things are going on that are preventing me from working on the Book given that I have been going flat out since August 6th when we returned from Salts Spring Island with;

• Extreme Client Care
• Creating A New Power Point
• Traveling
• Speaking
• Re-Branding
• Working On The Book

So right now …

• The first thing is I am tired out and just don’t feel like diving into the book right now. I didn’t set the alarm for Wednesday given I had no appointments and I slept through to 9am which is unusual.
• I’ve been fighting a cold that I picked up in my travels … or it could have been the change in the weather.
• September is on the doorstep and I do not feel ready for The Final Quarter.
• The funny thing is, as I write this, Clients, Financial and the Book are the only things that I feel 100% on top of. If it were not for investing some of Wednesday in a Financial Review, I would not have been able to add this to the list.

Getting ready means;

• Reviewing our Vision
• Reviewing / update our Projects List; What worked? What needs to improve?
• What are the goals that we want to achieve for September 1 – December 31 by November 30th so that we are coasting towards the finish line of December 31st?

Thank goodness that the plan for this week’s pre-scheduled Planning Days for Wednesday – Friday were scheduled back on June 1st when we scheduled out the next 12 months.

Onward, upward!