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“Being” a Leaner Leader

Completed the fine tuning on the power points for tomorrow’s presentation and content for last night’s teleclass.

I was inspired by Chris Barrow to enhance the following writing that I have shared with a number of my clients.

The distinction between leadership and management.

Managers create, monitor and measure systems.

Leaders inspire people.

This relates to the series that I am doing on “Being” an Advisor versus “Doing” Sales and I can see that it dovetails into “Being” a Leader also.

Many of my clients are poor at management (they have few measurable systems) and do no leadership at all.

A few of them are excellent managers with robust systems.

A small minority are leaders.

Your business requires systems.

Your people want leadership.

You, your business and your people require leadership and business systems for the sales to stand on.

On a personal note, I switched my diet to;

* Starting the day with fruit
* A fruit and protein smoothie at 10am
* A wrap at lunch time
* Celery and peanut butter in the afternoon
* Salmon, broccoli and couscous for dinner
* ?Ǭ? a bran muffin

It will be a challenging 3 days on this diet and I will be used to it by then. Morning was a little tough.

Already feel leaner. You know what I said “it’s better to Lead and be Leaner than Follow my Appetite”. Ha! Pretty lame attempt at humor there but you get my point.