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Be Careful What I Wish For


Whew! This is our busiest September yet. We have 100% more clients than we had last September and the work is becoming more and more complex.

Removing Your Roadblocks To Success is working because we are busy providing our clients with customized coaching relating to Steps 2 – 10 of the Leading Advisor Coaching Program.

My Blogging is feeling somewhat light this week given I’m feeling very busy with the first working week of our year, it is a four day week and we are leaving for Las Vegas on Saturday for Pro-Seminars Las Vegas.

1. Removing Your Roadblocks to Your Success
2. Create a Vision for the future
3. Develop a Business Plan made of Sharp Strategies and Robust Systems
4. Implement Excellent Financial Controls
5. Recruit and lead a Championship Support Team
6. Refine your Marketing and Sales Skills
7. Own a Unique Brand in an Affluent Niche
8. Focus on Specialized Products
9. Become the Recognized Expert for your Clients
10. Deliver Amazing Customer Service