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Back On Track

Not much to say today – then again a day to give thanks.

First day back in the office with the new computer system and it was a bit slow as I had to re-associate myself to some new versions of software while re-installing passwords as needed with the new computer.

( Sidebar – I just went to publish this in the Blog from MS Word and here we go again – another password to re-install. 🙂 )

My routine is so valuable to me and I don’t appreciate how great it really is until it breaks down.

Today was like putting a puzzle back together – the day seemed a little slow to start.

– photo courtesy of www.en.wikipedia.org

The failure of the old computer system cost me the best part of a week and today was really piecing everything back together.

Then again it could have been a lot worse.

Wow! Do we ever get a lot of work done when things are working!

All is good.

I’m thankful for the;

– Relationship and love that Laura and I have.
– Vision that we have.
– Business that we have.
– Great clients that we have.
– Insight for Pat Finucane.
– Insight from Chris Barrow.
– Great support team that includes Kim Black and Simon Parsons
– Systems that we have.
– Full practice.
– Expertise that we have.
– Strong summer cash flow.
– Clients that wish to start with us in September.
– Dozen or so speaking gigs that we have booked to complete this year.
– Web site edit / overall that is well underway
– Outstanding power point speaking presentation
– Excellent blog and e-newsletter
– Book outline and writing
– Marketing plan that is getting clearer and clearer with every step.
– Life that we have.